Ancient Weapon

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Ancient Weapon
Primary Weapon
This mysterious alien weapon fuses with the ship and replaces its weapon systems completely. The heat created from its raw power cannot be channeled by conventional means which leads to some damage to the ship's hull with every shot fired. However, it will not destroy the ship and its damage output increases with declining hull integrity.

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Hull DPS
Shield DPS
Hull Damage
Shield Damage
Hull Area Damage
Shield Area Damage
Fire Rate
Energy Consumption
Energy Consumption
Damage Per Energy
Full Charge Duration
Area Damage Range
Full Charge Damage Bonus
Full Charge Add. Projectiles
Damage Increase
Energy Consumption Increase
Energy Allocation
Recharge Rate
Recharge Delay
Shutdown Duration
Cooldown Duration
Cooldown Duration Decrease
Fire Rate Increase
Energy Consumption Decrease
Hitpoints Increase
Recharge Rate Increase
Recharge Delay Decrease
Shutdown Duration Decrease
Resource Amount
Effect Duration
Repair Amount
Life Time
Critical Hit Chance Increase
Velocity Increase
Range Increase
Spread Decrease
Effect Duration Increase
Jump Cooldown Increase
Full Charge Damage Mulitplier
Success Chance
Nano Bot Drop Chance
Max Stack Size
Shield Piercing
Conversion Percentage
Conversion Amount
Conversion Ratio
Critical Hit Chance

The Ancient Weapon is a special primary weapon. It is only usable with the Ancient Weapon Glyph equipped. Similar to the Shock Rifle, this weapon can hit enemies at extreme distances and instantly reaches its target. Even at high hull hitpoints, such as at 1100 hp with the Gunship, the weapon still does around 120 hull and shield damage, which is incredibly powerful.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon is less effective in close fights and is best used at a distance.
  • Every shot counts, so be sure to aim well. If the crosshair turns red, that means it is hovering directly over an enemy.
  • The Colonial Gunship is recommended for the ship to use with this weapon. It has the most hull hitpoints and has increased armor which lowers the damage from each shot. Also, turrets and drones make up for the loss of other weapons and make close-range fights a lot easier.
  • It deals less than five damage to the hull with the gunship with one shot - armor decreases the damage taken from it.
  • Using this weapon will likely make the game much easier, but at the same time much less fun.
  • Firing this weapon at one hull hp will not cause death. Depending on the ship's armor, it will not go below a value that would kill you.
    • Damage from this weapon also does not have a chance to cause component damage.
  • Max damage on an un-armored, fully upgraded Interceptor is about 180 damage at 4/660 hull, giving 359.33 dps.
  • The Ancient Weapon is the only weapon with an innate critical hit chance.

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