Ceto Ghost Hunt

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Ceto Ghost Hunt
Ceto Ghost Hunt
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2300 Credits
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Ceto Ghost Hunt is a main mission in Everspace 2. Starting this mission unlocks Delia Wendo as a companion and reveals several new sites in other regions of Ceto (but doesn't reveal region names).

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After getting the mission details from Dax, there are now three mission markers on the map. Each one is an Outlaw base, though only two (Siren's Sea & Outlaw Base) have a disruptor unit. If you did not go to Outlaw Outpost first (the one base without a disruptor), its marker will disappear after destroying the base at either Siren's Sea or Outlaw Base, so it is optional. If you don't do it first, the location will still be available. Dax will ask you to come back to Homebase after getting the second disruptor, which will unlock the last site and base.

Siren's Sea[edit | edit source]

It may be difficult to find the base, but it is on a large asteroid with blinking red lights. The base is protected by some outlaw drones, turrets, and a missile turret. While destroying the structures on the base, an outlaw scout will jump in. After destroying everything, the core will open. You need to destroy the core, which is guarded by 3 defense turrets. The defense turrets can't be destroyed permanently, they just retract to repair and come back out again shortly. The core is guarded by rotating plates that can be destroyed to damage the center. After destroying it, jump out and head to the next marker.

Outlaw Base[edit | edit source]

This time the base is clearly marked. Destroy all the structures and Outlaws present (some reinforcements will jump in again), then destroy the core.

Palaemon's Wound[edit | edit source]

Dax will be there to help you out with this base. Same deal as the previous bases, there's just more enemies. After clearing it and destroying the core, head to Ghost Fleet, a newly revealed nearby site.

Ghost Fleet[edit | edit source]

Just keep flying through the wrecks looking for AI unit markers that pop up, then fly up close and hack them. They may be blocked by debris, which you can grab and throw away. After scanning some of the AI units or taking too long, Outlaw Chief Bolton will show up, who you may remember from the initial cutscene, holding Hero and Dax prisoner. He is the final boss of Ceto.

Bolton is protected by an impenetrable shield. To get through it, you can destroy his drones to get drone wrecks which you can throw at him and disable the shield, which requires some careful aiming. While the shield is down, deal as much damage as you can. You will most likely need at least 2 or 3 attempts to kill him. After disabling it a second time, some Outlaw Scouts will jump in. He will spawn new drones periodically.

After this point the mission is unfinished, with some meta dialogue about it being the alpha build.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Find and destroy a disruptor base in Deep Fields
  • Destroy the second distractor base
Siren's Sea:
  • Destroy Fuel Tanks (2)
  • Destroy Energy Coils (4)
  • Destroy Turrets (3)
  • Destroy Station Core
Outlaw Base:
  • Destroy Communications (2)
  • Destroy Fuel Tanks (2)
  • Destroy Energy Coils (1)
  • Destroy Turrets (4)
  • Destroy Station Core
  • Return to base / visit Homebase
  • Go to Palaemon's Wound / Meet Dax at Palaemon's Wound
  • Destroy Fuel Tanks (9)
  • Destroy Energy Coils (7)
  • Destroy Turrets (1)
  • Destroy Missile Silos (1)
  • Destroy Bomb Throwers (2)
  • Go to Ghost Fleet
  • Search the wrecks for AI units

Codex Entry[edit | edit source]

Intial:[edit | edit source]

We need a HIVE unit to override jump gate security and leave Ceto system. Dax is certain that we will find one in a place called the "Ceto Ghost Fleet" - a kind of treasury of old military tech hidden by outlaws. To find it we will have to find and destroy the disruptor units hiding it. They work like our Bean Bags, but have the appearance of weaponized outlaw bases.

Upon Completion:[edit | edit source]

We destroyed the outlaw disruptors, killed the outlaw chief and almost found a HIVE unit at the Ghost Fleet. Unfortunately, we forgot that this was only the EVERSPACE 2 alpha build - which doesn't have a single HIVE in its code. Guess all we can do now is wait...

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At the Siren's Sea outlaw base, there is a breakable rock wall below the main platform.
  • The Corrosion Injector cannot damage Bolton through his shield.

Gallery[edit | edit source]