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Main Everspace 2 Content Portal
Everspace 2 is a single-player open-world 3D space shooter by Rockfish Games.

Currently, not much is known about Everspace 2's features and content. This section of the wiki is still very new, so be patient as more pages are made and more information is released.

Current Version
(released December 17, 2019)

Upcoming Major Updates
Closed Alpha
(TBA, April 2020)

Everspace 2 News

Blog - New Drones | UI Improvements | Cinematics Teaser - - 2020/02/02 11:00

In this January 2020 update, we’ve got cool new drones, hot UI improvements, and some scalding concept art pieces for you to look at. But before we move on to those, we’d like to give you an update wh...

Blog - Prototype | Forum Revamp | New G&B Spaceships | UI Tweaks Sneak Peek - - 2019/12/27 12:27

Now that the dust of our wild Kickstarter ride has settled and most of the team has had a short but much-needed break from the immense workload of the past few months, we are finally set to bring you...

Vlog | Open Game World & Planetary Combat - - 2019/11/01 20:43

In the full version EVERSPACE™ 2, there will be at least eight star systems, each divided into zones with different threat levels and featuring numerous hand-designed locations to discover, between wh...
Previous News

EVERSPACE™ 2 Vlog | Open Game World & Planetary Combat - - 2020/02/05 11:21

Catching up with the state of development: In the full version EVERSPACE™ 2, there will be at least eight star systems, each divided into zones with different threat levels and featuring numerous hand...

EVERSPACE™ 2 Vlog | NPCs, Combat AI, Alien Critters - - 2019/10/26 14:00

A common critique about our previous game was that there were not enough enemies and other alien creatures to encounter. This can be explained by our limited budget back then but also due to the fact...

EVERSPACE™ 2 Vlog | Player Ships - - 2019/10/19 11:25

Due to our limited budget for the predecessor, we only had three vessels in the base game to choose from and added one more in the Encounters expansion, but we took great care that each of them offere...

EVERSPACE™ 2 Vlog | Game World and Story - - 2019/10/13 13:41

With EVERSPACE™ 2, we're making a big leap from a roguelike to an open-world space shooter RPG with a 20-30 hour story campaign. Check out our first vlog giving you a glimpse of the expanded game worl...

Everspace 2 live on Kickstarter - - 2019/10/02 12:03

We're very excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign[www.everspace.game] for Everspace 2 just launched! The sequel to Everspace won't be a roguelike, but an open-world space shooter with deep...

Changelog 1.3.5 - - 2019/10/02 12:02

Along with the launch of our Kickstarter campaign[www.everspace.game] for Everspace 2, we've just released a new patch for the original Everspace featuring a number of tweaks and bugfixes.Here's the c...

Patch 1.3.4 - Changelog - - 2019/05/07 11:58

We've just released a new patch with some bug fixes and one small quality of life improvement that came with the Nintendo Switch port - you can now increase the HUD marker size.Here's the complete lis...

Patch 1.3.3 - Changelog - - 2018/11/20 11:44

We've just released a new patch with some smaller tweaks and a number of bugfixes. We've also added a special "retro graphics" graphics mode that you can unlock as a reward for finishing a hardcore mo...

Patch 1.3.2 - Changelog - - 2018/08/08 09:25

Well, it turns out that along with one of the the fixes of the latest patch (1.3.1) we created a much more serious bug (game hangs when dying during a jump with not enough fuel) which is why we've bee...

Patch 1.3.1 - Changelog - - 2018/08/02 09:42

We've just released a small patch for PC (Win) and Mac adding missing installation prerequisites for Windows and fixing a few smaller bugs.Here's the complete list of changes:TweaksController sensitiv...
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