Flying Blind

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Flying Blind
Flying Blind
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Flying Blind is a main mission in Everspace 2, the first following the tutorial. Completing this mission unlocks Dax Bashar as a companion.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Flying Blind begins with a short cutscene of you and Dax escaping the Outlaw base's hangar where they were held captive. The first objective is to find and deactivate three jump suppresors while avoiding the colonial forces which are at a significantly higher level. The colonial light cruiser commanded by Comissioner Hawke cannot be destroyed.

The jump suppressors can be located by following the bar at the top of the screen - the closer it gets to 100% the closer you are to the next suppressor, similar to how jump suppressors worked in the first game. The jump suppressors are guarded by weak Outlaw turrets, ships, and drones, but the suppressors can be deactivated without destroying them if you wish. The jump suppressors cannot be destroyed - fly up close and hold the interact key to disable it, then head to the next one. You and Commissioner Hawke will have some dialogue shortly before and after deactivating the third jump suppressor.

After deactivating the last suppressor, aim your ship towards open space, and jump out by entering supralight mode. While flying in supralight, Dax will tell you to disconnect your nav to avoid detection, as it is connected to the colonial network, effectively resetting the map to a blank slate. This happens automatically. Follow Dax's marker to Rhodia II (you can activate autopilot to get there easily). When you jump into the area, follow the next marker to your new homebase. Getting close will play an animated cutscene.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Codex Entry[edit | edit source]

Intial:[edit | edit source]

I just escaped my prison cell, stole a ship and now need to get somewhere safe, fast!

Upon Completion:[edit | edit source]

After escaping an outlaw base and a giant cruiser belonging to the Colonial Fleet, my cell mate, Dax, and I managed to reach Dax's secret hideout at Rhodia.

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