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From Scratch
From Scratch
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From Scratch is a main mission in Everspace 2. Starting this mission unlocks the EMP Generator and the Energized Boost.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

While docked in the base, Dax provides you with a list of resources needed to repair the base's reactor. All of them can be found in the current location. After leaving the base, there will be a marker straight ahead pointing to a debris field about 4.8km away. Activate the cruise drive to get there faster. As you go to the marker, there will be some floating resources scattered about, including scrap metal and vardum crystal deposits on an asteroid. Alongside reaching the debris field and some dialogue with Dax, an Outlaw Scout will jump in, which you will need to take care of to complete the mission. The scout will be about 5km away from the debris field, seen via a red marker. You can continue looting the wreck field for more standard resources, but a cooling unit can be found near the end of the debris field in a shipwreck. Three more raiders will jump in shortly after some more dialogue with Dax. There will be another lv. 2 scout, plus a normal lv. 2 drone and lv. 1 webber drone. The second scout is another source of a cooling unit. Then bring everything back to base.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Collect resources
    • Scrap Metal (11)
    • Cooling Unit (1)
    • Vardum Crystal Shard (14)
  • Repel the scout
  • OPTIONAL: Use a device
  • Fend off the raiders (3)
  • Keep searching the area for more loot.
  • Deliver resources to homebase

Codex Entry[edit | edit source]

Intial:[edit | edit source]

We've arrived at Dax's old hideout and put Ben in a cryopod. I need to collect resources so we can fix the base's reactor and scan for medical supplies Ben is in desperate need of.

Upon Completion:[edit | edit source]

I've collected enough resources so we were able to repair the base's power reactor. While looking for them I was attacked by several outlaws. Our hideout does not seem to be so secret, after all.

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are two secret caves that can be blown open with missiles (marked with orange glowing cracks). One is on an asteroid near the wreck field, the other is on the left side of the homebase. This is not part of the mission, but some vardum can be found in the second cave.

Gallery[edit | edit source]