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The current alpha-build map of Ceto, the starting system.
Disambig.png This article is about locations from Everspace 2. For locations from Everspace, see Important locations.

Everspace 2 mainly takes place in the Demilitarized Zone of Cluster 34. Currently, there are eight planned planetary systems divided into regions with several visitable sites each. All locations are handcrafted except for the random signals found during supralight travel, which are randomized similarly to each zone in Everspace. Regions currently do not have any impact on sites & random locations, but in the future they may be controlled by different factions giving them unique aspects or modifiers.

While the Colonials already have this entire region mapped on AETERNA, unfortunately Adam is forced to disconnect his ship's nav from AETERNA to avoid detection. Fortunately, Dax is able to scrounge up some old data from his homebase which fills in some regions of Adam's map of Ceto. Most locations are marked as undiscovered sites until visited or do not appear until certain missions are completed.

Planetary Systems[edit | edit source]

Special Locations[edit | edit source]

Randomized Locations[edit | edit source]

During supralight travel, there is a chance for a random, unmarked location to pop up. These locations can have a variety of encounters, such as a G&B freighter asking for assistance dealing with outlaws (the location will be marked as a distress call), or just a simple cluster of asteroids with some loot.