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The image for the Okkar homeworld in the codex.
The Okkar are a reptilian race with a tendency towards reactive behavior. They are indigenous to this cluster, and the Colonials uninvited guests. Distrust runs deep.

The Okkar are one of five Factions in the Everspace universe. They are a reptilian race with a long life span native to Cluster 34, where they have nine desert homeworlds, powered with Viridian Energy. Their society has a strict structure, using a caste system (assigning roles at birth), based on Tareen's history. Any who do not wish to conform with this system can choose to be exiled from their homeworlds. A war with the Colonials upon their arrival to the cluster caused the creation of the Demilitarized Zone and the immense destruction seen throughout the zone. They are automatically hostile towards the player (being a rogue Colonial element) and Outlaws, but are neutral with Grady & Brunt Prospects, which was part of the agreement between the two races.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Okkar have no permanent structures in the DMZ unlike the Outlaws and G&B, but compensate with Corvettes and Frigates. Groups of ships are frequently found in each zone, with the occasional capital ships (frigates being fairly rare). There can also be random ambushes throughout sector zones. Tareen is an Okkar, but is not considered part of the faction.

Okkar Waves[edit | edit source]

If the player spends too much time in a sector (15 minutes on Easy difficulty, 8 on Normal, and 4-5 on Hard), three waves of Okkar ships will jump in and attempt to destroy the player, culminating in a fourth wave of Colonial Warships jumping in - unless Admiral Gorc has been defeated already. The waves of Okkar are usually very difficult to defeat without additional help, especially early-game. Ships destroyed that spawn in during these waves tend to drop little loot, but it can be useful to farm them for fuel.

Related Codex Entries[edit | edit source]

Okkar Faction Entry
The Okkar are a reptilian race inhabiting several systems in Cluster 34. A bipedal, lizard-like species, they evolved from their dry desert homeworld and spread some millennia ago to neighboring planets. They are a secretive race, telepathic to a limited degree, and have a natural aversion to water. Not known for ambitious expansionism, they are generally peaceful and inward-looking, although violently reactive to new influences from beyond their own worlds. The arrival of the Colonials in the early 31st century triggered a panic which led to a devastating conflict.

A long life-span (up to 250 Sol years) and stable social conditions have allowed for significant development of technologies and culture on a par to human advancement. In the course of Colonial expansion, the Okkar are the first encountered alien race to be equally matched in strength and sophistication.

Okkar Homeworld
The Okkar homeworlds are a collection of nine inhabited desert planets on the outer edges of the Beltegrade Cluster. The Colonial diplomatic missions which arrived there in the mid-31st century are the only humans known to have visited and formed the bulk of knowledge on their location, culture, and appearance. The planets are sacred to the Okkar and are shielded from long-range sensors. Okkar are secretive about their customs and generally suspicious of all other species, although some interesting facts have been ascertained.

Okkar society is organized in a strict hierarchical structure in which roles, whether servant, warrior or cleric, are established by birth. The exact origin of the species are still unknown and there is growing debate as to whether the Okkar might be derived from a superior species beyond their domain. Seemingly incongruous writing and belief structures support this hypothesis.

The Okkar homeworlds are powered and sustained by a mysterious energy source referred to as Viridian energy. While some experiments have been conducted on this energy source, no Colonial research has been able to stabilize it to date. Further research into the field of study, however, has been prohibited by a stipulation in the peace treaty which was insisted upon by the Okkar.

Okkar Fleet
The Okkar Fleet manufactures its own ships, weaponry, and mining equipment without the aid of independent contractors. Private corporations do not exist in their society, the concept of capitalism was unknown until the arrival of Colonials in the 30th Century. Nonetheless, this has not prevented Okkar technology developing on par to human advancement, although distinctively different in design and function. Experts put the origins of Okkar space exploration and technological development at some one thousand solar years before humans.
Colonial-Okkar War
With the first arrival of Colonial mining interests in 3022 (C.E. Sol), the Okkar experienced a dramatic shift in how they perceived their relation to the galaxy, and how other civilizations could potentially encroach upon their homeworlds. The subsequent arrival of the Colonial Fleet and establishment of jumpgates escalated tensions in the Cluster which eventually triggered all-out warfare between the species. Equally matched in strength and sophistication, the Okkar held their ground against the Colonials to devastating effect. A ceasefire was brokered out of necessity as there was no clear projected victor. The demilitarized zone was established as part of the subsequent peace treaty, delineating new limits of each of the species' territories, which the Okkar were given the right to administer.

Okkar Ships[edit | edit source]

There are several types of Okkar ships. They can be identified from a distance by their blue trails. Okkar ships have the strongest shields in the game compared to other factions.

Some images are concept art placeholders or are missing. Some information needs to be confirmed.

Image Type Description Equipment/Abilities Hull HP Shield HP Can be Elite?
Okkar-Fighter1.png Fighter Okkar Fighters are average fighter class ships. Mk1: Pulse Laser
Mk2:Fusion Blaster, Front Shield Generator
Mk3: Thermo Gun
Mk1: 60
Mk2: 100
Mk3: 150
Mk1: 130
Mk2: 160
Mk3: 210

Okkar swarm fighters .jpg Swarm Fighter Okkar Swarm Fighters are fairly weak ships, travel in a formation of 5. Vulnerable to chain attacks and AoE damage. X
Okkar-Interceptor.jpg Interceptor Okkar Interceptors are a heavily-shielded light-fighter class, with abilities and strengths similar to the Colonial Scout. -Cloak
120 150 ?
Okkar-Drone.png Drone Okkar drones are small, weak enemies. Mk1: Beam Laser
Mk2:Beam Laser M3
Mk1: 10
Mk2: 60
Mk1: 0
Mk2: 130
Okkar-ScanDrone.png Scan Drone Okkar Scan Drones cause the same effect as when your sensors are damaged. Similar to webber drones. -No weapons 30 80 X
Okkar-ShieldChargeDrone2.png Shield Charge Drone Okkar Shield Charge Drones function the same as Shield Charge Drones for the player, and are often only found around corvettes. -Charges shields of Okkar ships 30 0 X
Okkar-Corvette1.png Corvette Okkar Corvettes are medium-sized capital ships, a little larger than a Trader. -Occasionally spawns with a jump suppressor
-Mk2: Has an attack similar to the Neutron Cannon or ARC-9000
-Spawns Shield Charge Drones
-5 laser turrets
Mk1: 1200
Mk2: 1600
Mk1: 800
Mk2: 1200

Okkar-Frigate2.jpg Frigate Okkar Frigates are very large capital ships. They do not have shields, but also have individual turrets and energy cores that the player can destroy, which also damages the overall hull. The energy cores power the frigates powerful 'energy ball' attack, which centers around the player and charges for a second or two . When destroyed, the wreck does not disappear, instead slowly breaking apart and exploding in places. Loot is spread around in gaps inside the wreck or outside of it. The only time a Frigate will jump into a zone is if the crystal is destroyed at the Okkar Homeworld. -No shields
-Occasionally has a jump suppressor
-Okkar laser turrets
-Energy cores which power the powerful 'energy ball' attack
0 X

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