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[[File:ES2-UnionMap-Full.png|thumb|A fully explored map of Union]]
'''Union''' is the second system in ''[[Everspace]]''. It is easily recognized by an warm-colored theme (and a yellow star) with many locations inside nebulas or around gas planets. It also has very high [[Grady & Brunt Prospects]] activity due to its location, acting as a trading hub for the corporation and the DMZ as a whole with three [[Jump Gate]]s present.
This system also contains the first appearances of Okkar, whose presence is mandatory as part of the treaty between the Colonials and Okkar. They enforce peace in certain sites - if the player attacks certain targets or factions (G&B, civilian transports, and Okkar fighters themselves), they will be [[Wanted system|wanted]] and Okkar forces will continuously jump in to apprehend [[Hero]], with increasing hostility as more aggressive actions are made by the player.
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