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Feedback & Suggestions[edit source]

Have any feedback or suggestions for the wiki? Leave them below! Please remember to sign your comments with ~~~~. You can also use the #wiki-general channel on the Rockfish Games Discord. If you need to notify administrators of some important issue, please use the Admin Noticeboard.

To Do[edit source]

Here's an ever-expanding list of everything this wiki needs to be complete.

Pages that need to be created or edited[edit source]

  • Finish up the Character pages - Most are missing info
  • Could add more to Hero - maybe main story events? Or maybe a "see also" section with a link to a story page
  • Okkar - Continue adding info/tips and images for the ships
  • Outlaws - Continue adding info/tips and images for the ships
  • Grady & Brunt Prospects - continue adding info/tips and images for the ships
  • All of the faction pages with ship info tables - the table could use a rework. How can it be made better to accommodate maybe more stats, another image? Maybe remove description column? Make a template?
  • Where to put info about Elite ships?
  • Codex - put when they are unlocked.
  • Some Encounters Characters don't spawn until meeting Seth Nobu?

Significant projects[edit source]

  • Category:Dialogue -Separate into pages for each main character with dialogue. Not a priority, but would be nice to have. Avoided lots of work using Excel2Wiki, but the resulting table still needs to be edited. Work is on User:Grendal27/Sandbox.
  • Perks - still stuff missing, check to make sure everything else is in & correct, check to make sure total costs are correct
  • All Equipment pages have to be updated. (only some of the mods pages left)
  • Checked for accurate numbers stats, manufacturer, move descriptions to infobox, add craft template (with correct costs), add slotmax param to consumables and secondaries, ship class restrictions
  • tips and tricks sections with ship loadout info
  • Some consumables like drones or maybe devices like turrets could use some in-game screenshots of them in action.
  • Most weapons have unique models when equipped. Should we include these in the gallery of each equipment page?
  • A main Story page? Piece together all events from the codex and in-game events. Already have a Timeline page.
  • Come up with Tips and Tricks for all or most equipment if possible. All Tips and Tricks should be put on that page and the page the tip/trick is about.

Things that need some wiki coding skills:[edit source]

  • Nothing atm, unless you want to try and make the wiki more pretty somehow? Not saying it isn't already, though.

Currently needed media:[edit source]

  • Images for each enemy ship type in the game, listed on these pages (some have concept art placeholders):
  • Images of the Encounters DLC characters (except Throng)
  • This includes any shop UI they have, their character icon from cutscenes, and their ship.
  • More coalition ship images? Currently only have one for the scout, not sure if there are more types. Elek's ship too, if it's different.
  • An image of a G&B container, if they're different from normal?
  • GIFs for pages that might benefit from them? Weapons firing?

Good pages to visit for working on the wiki[edit source]

Thanks for helping if you do. This'll get added on as we discover more stuff that needs to be added and as the game updates. -Grendal27 (talk)

If you plan on contributing more than just a couple edits, please consider registering and joining Gamepedia's Slack at or this wiki's Discord at

Style Guide[edit source]

This section serves to keep this wiki consistent from one article to the next. (Based off of Obduction wiki's style guide: - Thanks, TheFloydman!) You should also look at, but the below list is some more unique and basic things.

  • The word "Everspace" should always be italicized when referring to the title of the game.
    • Everspace - ''Everspace''
  • When linking the word "Everspace", the link should be directed to the Everspace page, not just the wiki's main page. ("Everspace" should still be italicized when linking.)
  • Page titles should be in sentence case. This means that you should capitalize the article title as if it were a sentence without an ending period. Only the first word and proper nouns/adjectives should start with a capital letter.
  • Upgraded Equipment variants like 'Fire Rate Mod Mk2' should not have a capitalized k in 'Mk'. This is not consistent in-game, but it will be here.
  • Please follow the file naming format. It should be something like this: File:GeneralThing-SpecificThing.filetype. If you're confused, try looking at similar files.
  • Most files older than January 2018 will have the older naming format which always had Everspace in the first part of the name.
  • Except for very short quotes, articles should paraphrase source material, not copy it. If context is needed, refer the reader to the source material instead. This should be easier once the wiki has transcripts of everything in the codex among other things
  • Galleries should follow this format : <gallery mode="packed" style=text-align:left> </gallery>
  • References made using <ref></ref> automatically appear at the bottom of the article. Add "== References ==" (without quotes) to the bottom of the article so that they appear nicely in a section. This should not be done if there are no references because you will just be creating an empty section.
  • Add an infobox when appropriate.
  • Proofread before you finish creating/editing a page. This will save a lot of time down the road. This short guide is very useful.
  • The Minecraft Wiki and No Man's Sky Wiki are great examples of what we can achieve visually and textually. Let them inspire you in your work here.