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To Do

Here's an ever-expanding list of everything this wiki needs to be complete.

  • Make sure everything is up to date. Some pages are very old here and may need to be updated.
  • Honestly, almost everything needs improvement overall.

Pages that need to be created or edited

  • Subroutines (Some pages already exist for it, should merge into one page) 16 in all.
  • Glyphs (11 in all. Come from defeating ancients at ancient temples.)
  • I've only encountered wrecks with colonial turrets, not sure if there is anything else.
  • Okkar (invasions after scanning or taking too long in a region.
  • Okkar Ships (Intercepters, fighters, elites, Corvettes, drones, etc, separate pages or do it like Resources?)
  • G&B Ships (Freighters/transports: Fuel, Credit, resource, might be more. Service stations, fighters, elites, etc.)

Thanks for helping if you do. This'll get added on as we discover more stuff that needs to be added and as the game updates, obviously. -Grendal27 (talk)