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Here's a list of everything this wiki needs to be "complete". At this point, only a lot of non-crucial stuff is left for the Everspace 1 portion.
If you plan on contributing more than just a couple edits, please consider registering and joining the Rockfish/Everspace Discord (see you in #wiki-general!) here.

Everspace 2[edit | edit source]

Check pins on both wiki channels in the discord for important discussion about this

First things first:[edit | edit source]

The main pages[edit | edit source]

  • Continue adding more imglinks to ES2 portal

Category guide[edit | edit source]

  • Categories containing stuff specifically related to Everspace 2 should be titled <Name name> (ES2). Categories with ES1 content will not be changed, consider anything without (ES2) ES1 content.
  • Top level for Everspace content is Category:Everspace, ES2 is Category:Everspace 2

Style & design[edit | edit source]

  • I think doing something similar to The Forest wiki's design would be great - a header image with solid backgrounds on both the sidebar and main part of the page. It would be nice if the header image was different for the main pages, and for ES1/ES2 pages.
  • Also use The Forest's search bar design?
  • Fix fonts in glyph and resource infoboxes - continuous text should use Lato - change main wiki font to Lato?
  • Change overall wiki style/fonts/colors to fit with RFG's style guide
  • Eventually update mobile css as well

Main Content pages[edit | edit source]

All will need imglinks on es2 portal eventually

  • Looks like Hero and companions will have individual perk upgrades
  • Ship attributes: Ultimate, special, passive, shield, armor, hull, (several unknown icons), cruise speed, tractor beam range, handling; ratings?: firepower, precision, structure, structure, resistance, utility, repair; devices, upgrades; customization: name, extensions, appeal
  • Probably have links to each system, then each system page will have info on each planet/station/anomaly/etc, unless those aspects are very detailed and would need a whole page to themselves. Location infobox needed.
Maybe a landing page with a list of all stations as well + any useful info, probably a big table. Stations might have job boards, ship dealer, black market, shop
  • Might want an infobox for factions or races if there are a lot more of them
  • Make new equipment infobox for ES2 equipment, copy in-game UI as close as possible
  • There's going to be a lot...
  • Maybe have separate pages for each type this time?

Other pages[edit | edit source]

Cool ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Equipment Comparison: Something on it's own page - can load pick two different pieces of equipment from a drop down to load their respective infoboxes and calculate + show comparison text (example comparison text in this ui sneak peak in both infoboxes. Might need an initial dropdown for equipment type so you can't compare different things. Could also do something similar with ship comparisons

Everspace 1[edit | edit source]

Pages that need to be created or edited[edit | edit source]

  • Could add more to Hero - maybe main story events? Or maybe a "see also" section with a link to a story page
  • Okkar - Continue adding info/tips and images for the ships
  • Outlaws - Continue adding info/tips and images for the ships
  • Grady & Brunt Prospects - continue adding info/tips and images for the ships
  • All of the faction pages with ship info tables - the table could use a rework. How can it be made better to accommodate maybe more stats, another image? Maybe remove description column? Make a template?
  • Where to put info about Elite ships?
  • Codex - put when they are unlocked.
  • Some Encounters Characters don't spawn until meeting Seth Nobu?
  • Specific sector encounters for Seth and Denara
  • It's possible to add images to quotes, maybe put character portraits where that's a good idea?
  • Perks - Total costs may be incorrect or outdated
  • Resources - improve format

Significant projects[edit | edit source]

  • Category:Dialogue -Separate into pages for each main character with dialogue. Not a priority, but would be nice to have. Avoided lots of work using Excel2Wiki, but the resulting table still needs to be edited. Work is on User:Grendal27/Sandbox.

Currently needed media:[edit | edit source]

  • Some characters still need images
  • This includes any shop UI they have, their character icon from cutscenes, and their ship.
  • More coalition ship images? Currently only have one for the scout, not sure if there are more types. Elek's ship too, if it's different.
  • Could put GIFs on pages that might benefit from them? Weapons firing?